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Mech ninjia Spider

I just draw a sphere in 3dsmax, but suddenly I got inspiration, I want to make a mechanical ball, When the sphere had a little mechanical style.
spiders appeared in my mind, so I made legs, but the sphere style of the machine was also very traditional, and there was no feature, so the image of Ninja appeared in my mind and the Punk Mohican hairstyle.
After modeling, I drew the PBR map in substance. But I can’t tolerate that it’s just a static object, so I rig it, create IK for the legs, then made animations such as walking, leisure, jumping, attack,
and then import into unity for interactive control. The whole process is very special because there is no plan to make it at the beginning, but once you start, even you just draw a sphere, it is hard for you to stop. In the process of creation, I don’t make a conceptual design. Everything follows the feeling. it’s really interesting that you don’t know what you will create!
I hope you like it.: )